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Created on 2011-12-22 02:27:04 (#1177093), last updated 2017-08-03 (11 weeks ago)

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Name:Leonard McCoy and James T. Kirk
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:For fans of the relationship between Dr. Leonard H. "Bones" McCoy and Captain James T. Kirk.
( M C C O Y a n d K I R K )
Welcome to [community profile] mccoy_and_kirk, a community devoted to the relationship between Captain James T. Kirk and Doctor Leonard McCoy, better known as Jim and Bones, both in their original incarnations from Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS) and the 2009 movie Star Trek (the reboot or AOS).

All posts should involve the following: Jim Kirk, Leonard "Bones" McCoy, their relationship (romantic or platonic), William Shatner, Deforest Kelley, Chris Pine, or Karl Urban. This isn't a community to post about how awesome Spock is; while we acknowledge that he is awesome, there are other communities for that. All off-topic posts will be issued a warning through private message, followed by deletion.

Please post your fanworks of all kinds and colors here. We want your fic, your art, your manips, your vids, your FSTs, your dolls, your action figure stories, your four and a half hour long interpretive dance devoted to the love of Jim and Bones...we want it all. Do please use the appropriate tags when posting, to make it easier on people when they look for interpretive dance.

Blanket disclaimer: Captain Kirk, Doctor McCoy, Star Trek, and its related characters are property of Gene Roddenberry's estate, CBS, and Paramount Pictures. We do not own the rights to these characters, and are simply borrowing them for a bit of harmless fun. Likewise, Chris Pine and Karl Urban belong to themselves. No one in this community presumes to speak for either of them in any capacity. Again, it's nothing but harmless fun.

Your current mod team is as follows: ken_ichijouji, scriblerusday, tresa_cho. We have an introductory post that includes an outline of our mod policies here. Please do not hesitate to PM any or even all of the above with your questions or concerns. We also have a post regarding our Scribd archive here.

While we want this to be a fun fannish space that everyone can enjoy, we do have to set some rules and guidelines.

1) When posting any fanworks to this community, please use a header that includes the following:
Title: Title of story/art/fst
Author/Artist/Mixer/Creator: your username
Character/Pairings: Obviously your work should focus on Kirk and McCoy, as that's the purpose of this community. However, this more is for if your work has background/side pairings. For example, if your Kirk/McCoy also has Spock/Uhura, Sulu/Chapel, and Scotty/Chekov in it.
Rating: Rating from G to NC-17
Warnings: Triggers and the like would go here, along with things such as mpreg, genderswap, character death, infidelity, bdsm...basically if you think someone might get offended by something in your story, we ask that you put a warning up. Warning for slash is unnecessary, but if you do it in a humorous enough way we promise to laugh with you about it.
Summary: One or two sentence advertisement to get people interested.
Notes: More detailed creator's notes would go here.

2) Please place all fic, essays, large images (for our purposes, large means more than 400 px wide), and FST tracklistings behind a cut. If you are posting icons, you may leave three outside of the cut as a teaser. Spoilers for the upcoming movies must also be placed behind an LJ cut, and must be tagged with the "!spoilers" tag.

3) We not only allow discussions, meta, and picspams, we actively encourage them. We also actively encourage the following in moderation: fic search posts, fic rec posts, and pimping challenges and communities that are relevant to this community. We do ask that if you post meta with citations you link your sources, but that's mostly so we can also bask in the awesome.

4) Please tag your posts with the appropriate tags. This is to make it easier on people who search the community looking for your work.

5) No hostility, flaming, or bashing. The point of this community is to have fun, and being a Negative Nancy really tends to wreck that for people. Concrit is totally okay, but tearing a work to shreds or attacking a person directly is not. We have a strict no wank policy in effect; remember that one person's kink is not necessarily yours and be respectful of that fact.

6) Most importantly, have fun!

Want to link to us, or pimp us out as the local kids down at the sockhop say? Use this awesome banner!

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